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Study Abroad

When it comes to learning, the world is your classroom. Study abroad allows you to create the learning itinerary of your dreams! Explore new locales, become fluent via language immersion, experience a foreign culture, pursue volunteer and teaching projects, even live with a host family. With more and more study abroad opportunities available than ever before, learn how to make the most of your studies in the global classroom.

  • Study Abroad Adventures
    Whether you choose to study abroad, take part in student travel opportunities, or simply embark on a spring break getaway, there's lots of information you should take along. Learn about study abroad basics including how to stay safe, what to bring, how to make the most of the experience, and more.
  • On-Your-Own Language Learning
    As a citizen of the world, you want to speak the languages of the world, and not just English. Learning a new languages like Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, and others can ensure you a multi-lingual ticket into a new career and personal satisfaction.
  • What To Know Before You Go Abroad
    When preparing to study abroad, you may find yourself very overwhelmed with all you need to know and do. But don't worry, we've broken it all down to sufficiently prepare you before you leave on a jet plane.
  • Real Students Studying Abroad
    There's no better way to learn about what you might expect than to hear from those who've already been there and done that. See what real students have to say about their time overseas through a study abroad program.