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You know you've got the talent and the drive for a career in design -- but what's the first step? Design schools are the launch pad for your combining your passion with a livelihood. With designers holding about 532,000 jobs in 2002 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is obvious that this is a career with plenty of opportunity and potential -- you just need a design school to prepare you for the journey.


Though you have natural talent -- most people who crave an art career know they have some inherent ability -- you're going to need to be able to compete with your peers. This means knowing the terminology, the latest technology, common practices, and a wide variety of styles and proficiencies within the design industry. Design schools provide these necessary skills so you can make the most of your talents. Just about any entry-level position in the design industry will mandate that you have a bachelor's degree from one of the many exciting design schools.


Fortunately for you, there are a wide host of easily accessible programs, many of which are available through online coursework and can be completed right from your own home. Not only will you expected to be naturally skilled with creating by hand, you will also be expected to be familiar with computer-aided design software. With the growing role of technology in the workplace, design careers will be largely dependent on the ability to be creative in a wide variety of mediums -- a subject that is typically a major focus at many design schools.

Most people with art careers in the design industry work in specialized design services. Design schools are a place for you to acquire these specific skills -- it will provide you with a chance to define what your particular niche will be. Classes at design schools are purposefully structured to enable you to communicate your visual ideas to other people, a strength that is an asset to any company. The most successful workers in the design world are those who have an ability to communicate effectively. Design schools are the place to start.

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