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Youve Got a Friend at Oregon State Universities

Oregon state universities present unique educational opportunities in a special environment -- the "Beaver State." Between community colleges, state and private colleges, private institutions, and technical and vocational schools, there is a degree program suited to just about any educational goal.

Educational Buffet
Universities in Oregon offer a diverse student body. Currently, Oregon has 352,660 students enrolled in 17 community colleges who are working toward obtaining professional technical education and training. Beyond that, there are three regional colleges, three statewide universities, and one specialized institution in Oregon's State System of Higher Education. On top of those, Oregon houses 32 independent colleges and universities, which provide a wide range of educational opportunities and major areas of study. The bottom line is that Oregon universities offer institutions for every prospective student.

Kill 'Em With Kindness
When it comes to interacting with your fellow students at Oregon universities, you're in for a treat. Students have a reputation for being easy to get along with, and Oregon State University was actually ranked the fifth-friendliest campus in the U.S., according to You and your personable pals can explore the bike lanes and free city bus service to get around town, and you'll have plenty of buds to visit the Oregon Coast with, where skiing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding are only a handful of the refreshing activities at your fingertips. Even universities in Oregon themselves are friendly with one another -- Oregon State University's Cascades Campus in Bend, Oregon, represents a unique educational partnership involving four distinguished institutions, creating an innovative and collaborative university to serve the needs of central Oregon.

Turn Credits into Cash
After you hit the books, you'll want to start turning your educational investment into bankroll. Fortunately, the stats show that students at Oregon universities go on to use their school experiences to land exciting careers. While Oregon's economy is largely based on agriculture and lumber, more and more growth is happening in the electronics and tourism industries. Universities on Oregon boast strong programs in fields related to technology and engineering, as well as in hospitality management, or culinary arts. For the more liberal arts-minded student at Oregon universities, the state's arts and cultural industry has illustrated its economic value in recent years. The nonprofit industry alone employs more than 28,000 people and generates $64 million annually. With indirect spending included, the arts contribute more than $250 million to the state's economy, and play an even more significant role in regional economic development areas such as tourism, graphic and product design, and other creative fields.

Studying's a Breeze
Many students at Oregon colleges and universities cite the pleasant, year-round climate as contributing to the ease with which they can hit the books. Of course, there are plenty of nearby outdoor activities you can enjoy when you're looking for a break -- Oregon state universities are particularly of interest to those who enjoy exploring nature. But there are plenty of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and venues for those who would much rather spend their free time socializing instead of rock climbing.

Explore the educational possibilities at Oregon state universities today!

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