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You'll Find Character at Louisiana State Universities

From bonding as a community after tragedy, to a diverse area rich with culture and creativity, Louisiana state universities have plenty to offer.

Rebuilding and Learning at Louisiana State Universities
Incorporating the catastrophe of hurricane Katrina, unique lab courses are being devised at Louisiana colleges and universities. The rebuilding efforts in New Orleans and in nearby towns have given area colleges an opportunity to both help and learn. Moreover, at Loyola University (New Orleans, LA), a number of classes have popped up or changed direction to look at Katrina-related issues.

Examples include a course on psychology of disasters. There's also a history class preserving the oral histories of those affected by Katrina. On the medical side of things, there's a biology service-learning course that examines and hopes to improve the effects of disturbance on biological systems and environmental relations. On the artistic side, students can enroll in programs where they can create photo essays to raise public awareness.

From Frosh to Grad at Louisiana Universities
College is about learning, facing new challenges, and at times making poor choices. Working through these mistakes will only strengthen character, build confidence, and support the person it happens to into becoming an independent adult.

Get used to your newfound independence -- turn to yourself. "While the first semester of college may be overwhelming and [can] cause a great deal of anxiety, [incoming freshmen] should try to work out problems or issues immediately," says Dr. Vicki McNeil, associate vice president at Loyola University, New Orleans. "This will reduce in things becoming out of control. Students should use their own energy and problem-solving skills."

Upon graduating, although you will be independent, there's nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Build relationships with graduates and fellow students, says career counselor Joan Gallagher. Louisiana state universities offer career assistance. "Loyola, for instance, works with students whether they are just graduating or if they are re-careering professionals who graduated 25 years ago," explains Gallagher.

Secret Lives of Louisiana Professors
Where else would you find interesting, moonlighting instructors? In a state like Louisiana that's so rich in history, art, and culture, it's no wonder you'd have professors at Louisiana state universities doing things on the side that reflect their hobbies and passion (beyond teaching, that is) -- instructors by day and artists by night.

For instance, Jim Viator, professor of Law at Loyola plays a nine-piece New Orleans/Caribbean Creole band with his son and daughter, who are both students at his school by the way. David Gruning, another Loyola law school professor, is a pianist for the same band. They play the New Orleans Jazz Festival almost every year, as well as the Festival International in Lafayette and the Grapevine Fest in Dallas. They even toured Great Britain a few summers ago.

With its unique character, Louisiana is a prime choice for higher education. Research all that Louisiana state universities have to offer. Remember, to make the most out of your college experience and take advantage of the interesting benefits that await you at universities in Louisiana and in nearby communities.