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Wisconsin Colleges and Universities

Wisconsin is home to creativity and innovation, and such a tradition of inventiveness remains a part of its educational system today at many Wisconsin colleges. From the first hydroelectric plant, to the first typewriter, the first Barbie, and the first ice cream sundae, Wisconsin's reputation for creating both the monumental and the mundane is something students at Wisconsin universities strive to carry on.

Home to a wide host of large research universities, small liberal arts schools, even distance learning opportunities, getting your education at one of the many Wisconsin universities can be the custom-made experience you want it to be.

And sure, when it comes to Wisconsin colleges, you can't help but think: cheese. But the truth is, the dairy industry is an integral part of Wisconsin's economy, with it producing more milk than any other state. Agriculture in general is a real driving industry, and for students interested in farm studies will find curriculum that suits their interests, and will pave the way for a lucrative career upon graduation from Wisconsin colleges.

And with hard work comes hard play, and the people of Wisconsin certainly know how to do that. Door County has five state parks and 250 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan where students can go to kick back and escape the pressures of academic life. Noah's Ark in Dells is the nation's largest water-themed park, and when it's too cold to swim you can explore the 15,210 miles of signed and groomed snow highways on a snowmobile. After you finish your homework at one of the many Wisconsin colleges, of course.

Weekend entertainment is easy to find if you attend one of the many universities in Wisconsin. Milwaukee's Summerfest is the nation's largest music festival, hosting an average of 2,500 performers. And if your tastes are a bit quirkier, there's the internationally famous Mustard Museum, which houses 2,300 varieties of mustard. A visit there may not quench your thirst for knowledge, but it will certainly quell your hot dog craving.

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Number of Wisconsin Colleges and Universities: 67

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Wisconsin

  • Performing arts events are available for viewing for students at Wisconsin colleges.

  • Christian ministries hold festivals and mixers that students at Wisconsin universities can attend.

  • Job and career fairs are sponsored by many universities in Wisconsin.

  • Students at Wisconsin universities can participate at charity dances and dinners for their favorite causes.

  • Students at Wisconsin universities can also get student discounts for major sporting events around the area.

  • Financial Aid for Students at Wisconsin Colleges
    State Aid Agency: Wisconsin Higher Educational Aid Board
    College Prepaid/Savings Program: EdVest College Savings Program (Savings/Investment Program); Tomorrows Scholar (Savings/Investment Program)

    Popular College Majors
    Health and Allied Services, Engineering and Engineering Technologies, Business and Commerce, and Social Sciences and History.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board