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Wide Open Opportunities at Nebraska State Universities

Though four-fifths of Nebraska is comprised of the Great Plains, students at Nebraska colleges and universities know that the state is overflowing with opportunities. Nebraska universities are known for high-achieving students and faculty, who benefit from their schools' original and noteworthy programs. Keep reading to learn more about what universities in Nebraska have to offer.

Taking Studies to the Next Level
Students from the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) are being recognized nationwide for their academic achievements. A UNK sophomore music major and pianist was recently chosen to compete in the Music Teachers National Association Young Artist Competition, an event that pits seven musicians from across the country against each other. Meanwhile, four students from the visual communications and design program won silver and bronze awards from the Nebraska chapter of the America Institute of Graphic Arts for their entries in the 2006 design competition.

In some cases, just going beyond normal studies is a reward for students of Nebraska state universities. This year, 15 political science majors will spend their spring break in Brooklyn, NY, researching democracy and its viability at the community level for their class. It's a program that professors note is only possible through UNK's relationship with the National Network for Education Renewal.

Traveling the Field and the Globe
Students from Nebraska state universities know that it's not enough to be a great athlete they have to be serious scholars as well. As of March during the 2005-6 athletic season, 16 students from Concordia University were recognized as NAIA Daktronics All-America Scholar Athletes. It's an honor that goes to juniors and seniors who balance their feats on the field with their scholastic skills, maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA in the process.

Some college students travel more than just on the athletic court. Take for instance, the a Cappella Choir from Concordia University who got to tour and perform throughout Europe during the summer of 2005, while also placing third in an international choir competition. There are also the teams of Concordia students who volunteer for international servant trips to places like Aboriginal villages in Canada.

Working Overtime
For students of Nebraska universities, the college experience isn't limited to the classroom. The University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO), whose Maverick Entrepreneurship Institute was listed in the top 10 of programs of its kind by Entrepreneur Magazine, sponsors the Maverick Business Plan Competition for students who want to apply the skills they've learned towards winning $5,000. But UNO students aren't all about winning, they're care about the community too. During the fall break of 2005, over a hundred students turned a rundown house into a meeting space for the community, and City Sprouts, a program dedicated to turning city lots into gardens.

Have these programs and students from Nebraska universities piqued your curiosity? Think you can tough it out as a star student on and off campus? Then continue your research into Nebraska state universities until to find the one that works for you.

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