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What's in a College Major?

Though you have the option of remaining undecided, usually until your junior year of college, it's still a good idea to know what your college major options are. The main questions: What kinds of career choices pertain to each, what classes will you have to take, and how much money can you command in a related field?

To answer these college major inquiries, here's some help...

The Read: The College Board Book of Majors, First Edition (The College Board, 2004)
What You Get: This book contains 1,252 pages of information, but is well organized and easy to read. It boasts brief descriptions of each college major, so it's simple to find what interests you most.
Major Kudos: The list of schools that offer each particular college major helps make that oh-so-hard college decision a breeze.
Major Bucks?: $24.99

The Read: College Majors Handbook With Real Career Paths and Payoffs, Second Edition (JIST Publishing, 2004)
What You Get: Amidst lots of numbers in this book's 645 pages may be the info you're looking for: Job earnings and trends.
Major Kudos: The info is based on thousands of college grads' career choices and employment experiences and the college majors they chose.
Major Bucks?: $24.95

The Read: 145 Things to Be When You Grow Up (The Princeton Review, 2004)
What You Get: This book breaks down 145 career choices, and college majors that correspond with each field. Moreover, it answers the question, "Will I be rich?" about each college major.
Major Kudos: Fun facts along the way, such as movies and TV shows about career choices, help boost this book's entertainment value.
Major Bucks?: $17.95