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Vermont Colleges and Universities

The irresistible charm of culture, history, and population certainly works its way into the educational opportunities offered by universities in Vermont. The state is home to many small liberal arts schools that bring the warmth and personality of its small-town geography into the classroom.

Many Vermont colleges encapsulate exactly what it means to have a liberal arts education, putting students through a series of requirements that exposes them to a wide span of disciplines. For the more focused student interested in paving the way to a specific career, theres an array of training options at universities in Vermont in such areas as architectural and building engineering, interactive digital media, computer science, and more. After all, the state's leading employer isn't Ben & Jerry's -- it's IBM.

The states serene environment offers a pleasing and extremely inviting backdrop for studying while attending Vermont colleges. You can enjoy the spacious nature of the state and avoid the cramped and crowded living-style of more urban education environments. The state's numerous forests offer an endless playground for the outdoor enthusiast, and Vermont's public love of sports -- particularly winter sports -- will keep the athlete in you satisfied when youre restless from too much reading at Vermont universities.

And it's all close to home. Montpelier, Vermont's state capital, is actually the smallest capital in the country, with less than 9,000 residents. It's also the only state capital without a McDonald's, so when the pressure of studying at Vermont universities has you craving a Big Mac for stress relief, you'll have to settle for a pint of Cherry Garcia.

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Number of Vermont Colleges and Universities: 25

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Vermont

  • Free and public concert choirs perform at Vermont universities.

  • Vermont colleges and universities host and sponsor robot competitions.

  • Speakers are invited to attend universities in Vermont to speak during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week and other important dates.

  • Homecoming events bring back alums young and old to reminisce and support the athletes of Vermont universities.

  • Students and communities come together at Vermont universities to participate in the Race for the Cure Breast Cancer fundraiser.

  • Financial Aid for Students at Vermont Colleges
    State Aid Agency: Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
    College Prepaid/Savings Program: Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan

    Popular College Majors
    Health and Allied Services, Arts: Visual and Performing, Business and Commerce, and Social Sciences and History.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board