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Utah Colleges and Universities

Getting an education at universities in Utah means getting in on a skyrocketing trend. How so? Utah is a state on the rise -- one that's recently asserted itself in a host of cutting-edge industries like health care and technology. It's these rapidly growing career fields that are powering the state's swelling economy. And it's the students at Utah colleges who are poised to inherit the excitement of this developing state.

Popular coursework at the larger Utah universities includes business, engineering, and social and behavioral science. Also, since farming and mining are major staples in the states economy, there are plenty of interesting curriculum options in the fields of earth science and agriculture at Utah universities. Essentially, whether you dream of taking your education to the fast-paced urban world of business, or the tranquil and prosperous world of farm production, the educational opportunities available at Utah colleges will certainly prove fulfilling.

When you're not studying, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. The landscape of Utah lends itself to plenty of outdoor exploration, and if you enjoy the thrill of skiing or snowboarding, you're in the right place. Utah's average snowfall is around 500 inches, so be sure to bring your winter gear -- you'll be needing it when you hit the slopes on the state's 14 ski resorts, boasting what is widely considered to be the best powder in the country. Of course, in warmer months the mountainous terrain of Utah is a 3-D classroom for any student interested in wildlife or environment studies, and an exciting getaway for the casual outdoor enthusiast. Between the seven national monuments, five national parks, and two national recreation areas, the natural playground of Utah will never leave you without an escape.

Whatever your career and education interests, universities in Utah offer pathways to achieve them -- after all, the state's symbol is The Beehive, symbolizing thrift and industry.

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