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Undergraduate Programs Are Focused on Success

Sometimes a course isn't enough.

If you're genuinely interested in pursuing a subject, whether in terms of an advanced degree or a career, you should look for a college that offers more than just a course or a major in the field. What you need, and what every university might not have, are field-specific undergraduate programs.

While a university may offer you a major in your desired field, undergraduate programs provide students with additional attention and aid from faculty, as well as more opportunities in terms of internships and jobs. Students and teachers within undergraduate programs are committed to the propagation and expansion of their field, so they'll be behind you every step of the way.

Of course, every university handles their undergraduate programs differently, and each benefits or suffers from the surrounding area. For example, choosing a journalism undergraduate program in a media capital like New York City would be more beneficial than a similar program in a town that has few local media outlets.

Once you've decided what type of undergraduate program you're looking for, you need to research which schools have highly reputed programs. Online trade publications often list the colleges and programs that they find are churning out the most highly qualified and talented students. You'll even get a glance at what employers are looking for in a potential employee and his/her resume by studying what they have to say about certain undergraduate programs and their curricula.

Although not every university has every graduate program there is, you might find that certain schools have partnerships that allow you to take courses at another school. So while you may go to one college for their business program, you can easily benefit from the courses taught by another school's marketing program. As long as you do your research and remember that a few courses are no replacement for an undergraduate program, you'll be sure to succeed in college and beyond.