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Tranquility and Tradition at Portland Colleges

The traditionally laid-back, easy going spirit of Portland, Oregon is one of the many reasons students find themselves gravitating toward Portland universities. The spirit of the city can be felt on all its campuses, and students are treated to an educational experience that is as compelling and informative as it is pleasant and enjoyable.

Downtown Digs

Downtown Portland offers a wealth of shops and businesses that students at a Portland college have convenient access to when they are looking for an escape from campus. In fact, at Portland State University the student lifestyle is often referred to as a "commuter campus" because there is such a free flow between the city and the campus. The flexibility of Portland universities is also a key benefit, as classes are offered not only during the day but at night and on weekends, in an attempt to accommodate learners from all backgrounds and schedules.

Peer-to-Peer Adventure

Of course, beyond the many attractions the city of Portland has to offer -- fine dining, top tier shopping, cafes and coffee shops, theaters, and sports facilities - there is also a highly active campus life to be enjoyed by Portland university students. Many of the Portland colleges place high emphasis on developing campus programs, events, activities, special guest appearances, and trips to increase the interaction between its students. The open, forestall landscape of the state of Oregon lends itself to many an outdoor adventure and there are plenty of student-led groups at every university in Portland, Oregon that organize such ventures.

The Perfect Backdrop
Beyond that, if there is a part of you that can imagine yourself reading, studying and learning in the peaceful, tranquil environment that is Oregon, perhaps attending a Portland university is something you should explore. Check it out today!

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