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Time is Money Save Both at a New Jersey 2 Year College

New Jersey 2 year colleges offer students from every background, with a wide variety of educational goals, the perfect option for advancing their academics. In fact, 2 year colleges in New Jersey are experiencing more attention lately because they are also serving as a financial alternative to the rapidly rising cost of a traditional four-year education. Not to mention that students are usually quite choosy and experimental during their first few semesters of college and are prone to change their minds about how they want to proceed with their education. At a New Jersey 2 year college, students can explore new disciplines without committing to a full four or five years at a school.

A Growing Trend

According to the New Jersey School Report Card released this year, the percentage of students saying they would attend four year schools either stayed flat or dipped compared to past years, and in South Jersey, eight percent more students claimed they played on attending 2 year colleges in New Jersey. More and more students are beginning to appreciate the value of attending a New Jersey 2 year college -- both financially and academically.

You're Not Alone
If you're interested in a 2 year college in New Jersey, you're not alone. In fact, the numbers show you're on the right track. According to Jacob Farbman, spokesman for the New Jersey Council of County Colleges, there's been a 31 percent increase in full-time enrollment at 2 year colleges in New Jersey across the past five years.

Pick Your Program

For example, at Camden County College, the largest New Jersey 2 year college enrolls nearly 15,000 students in more than 130 degree and certificate programs and that number keeps growing. Plus, with campuses in Blackwood, Camden, and Cherry Hill, there is flexibility for students in different areas. Also, 2 year colleges in New Jersey offer plenty of diverse programs in fields like allied health, business, education, liberal arts and sciences, and technology. In addition, many New Jersey 2 year colleges provide cultural programming, customized training, and professional and personal development courses.

If you're looking for a quality education, but aren't quite sure that you want to commit to a 4 year degree program - and want to save money while deciding your future - a New Jersey 2 year college might be the perfect choice for you. With academic depth, as well as financial affordability, you can't go wrong.