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Therapeutic Boarding Schools

therapeutic boarding schoolIf you're not succeeding in high school or in life, help is available through therapeutic boarding schools.

Therapeutic boarding schools, or emotional growth boarding schools, are geared toward nontraditional students just like you -- those who are having difficulty in a traditional school setting. If you're dealing with behavioral or emotional problems, substance abuse, significant learning differences, or anything in between, you're welcome at therapeutic boarding schools.

Program goals
The mission of therapeutic boarding schools is to provide a warm, safe atmosphere to help troubled teens get back on track by restoring relationships and rediscovering academic success in a nurturing and caring community. These schools prepare nontraditional students academically, emotionally, and socially for the challenges of the college years. At emotional growth boarding schools, students are able to develop the compassion, confidence, and integrity that lead to future success.

Student profile
The difficulties and behaviors of nontraditional students attending therapeutic boarding schools may include being beyond parental control, ADD, ADHD, depression, truancy, poor refusal skills, or other peer group issues. Troubled teen programs also deal with academic underachievement, drug and alcohol involvement, as well as crisis-bound family relationships. Some emotional growth boarding schools are for girls or boys only; others are coed.

Student services
At most therapeutic boarding schools, students receive individual counseling and group counseling services, in addition to psychiatric consultation and medication management as needed. Counseling services are designed to help troubled teens in their quest for confidence, emotional health, and relational healing. Emotional growth boarding schools help students create and follow through with plans that will help them achieve their goals.

A holistic approach
Many therapeutic boarding schools take the whole family into account in their work with troubled teens. Through conference calls, on-site workshops, and family sessions, emotional growth boarding schools work with the entire family system to identify negative behaviors and replace them with positive alternatives.

Doing the work
At emotional growth boarding schools, troubled teens are required to think about how they think, examine their values, and take a responsible approach to living, learning, and interacting. Students learn that self-esteem and positive attitude come from personal achievement, which is acquired through hard work.

College prep
Many therapeutic boarding schools incorporate an extensive college prep curriculum into their personal growth program. Classes are typically small, which allows nontraditional students and teachers to have a high level of interaction and one-on-one time that fosters success in academics and personal growth. Tutoring and specialized support services are widely available as well.

Therapeutic boarding schools guide troubled teens and their families toward self-sufficiency, accountability, and personal responsibility. If you're struggling in a traditional school environment, these innovative programs can provide you with the structure and tools you need to be successful, personally and professionally.