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The Limitless Potential at Arizona State Universities

Students at Arizona state universities study in a landscape that makes it easy to love learning. Sure, Arizona natives know just how great the state is. But when a student attends Arizona colleges and universities from out of state, their appreciation for all the state has to offer is off the charts. Just ask George Belcher, a Columbus, Ohio native who is now a freshman at the University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ).

Weather You Can Wake Up To
"I'm from Columbus, Ohio, where it's cloudy about three quarters of the year," he says. "The weather in Arizona is amazing. There's no humidity and the sun is always bright and the sky is blue. I think when someone is leaving to go to school -- leaving friends and family -- they should be entering a positive environment. The weather at Arizona colleges is very uplifting. A lot of my friends and fellow students love that. If you get up for class, you don't worry about clouds or cold or rain -- you just have to worry about learning."

Colleges with a Context
The location of Arizona colleges falls at a hub of many exciting and appealing places, all within driving distance. "In Tucson, I'm an hour from Mexico," he says. There is Rocky Points, which is only a few hours away. Las Vegas is close, and Los Angeles is within driving distance. Even the fact that Arizona colleges and universities are in the desert makes them kind of exotic for the U.S., since that landscape is only found in the southwest. Many people are drawn to that, as it's something they've never been around.

If you're a sports buff, the atmosphere of universities in Arizona is one that has quite a bit of pride in their athletics programs. "The enthusiasm about sports at Arizona state universities is its own thing," explains George. 'The sports teams are really big and the towns and schools completely cater to the students' team pride."

Every Subject Under the Sun
Of course, attending Arizona universities is more than just sunbathing and tailgating. The environment fosters great educations as well. "I'm an astronomy major, and if University of Arizona's program isn't the best, it's pretty close," he says. "You have the federal observatory on campus and there are lots of great nearby landmarks like Kitt's Peak and Mt. Lemon that cater to degrees in hydrology or geology. There's also the University Medical Center, which is probably the best medical hospital in the area."

With educational opportunities as far as the eye can see, literally, and a wide wealth of ways to stay busy and have fun when you're not hitting the books, Arizona state universities are a fantastic place to learn and live. Explore the academic programs that best suit you today!