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The Boarding School Advantage

advantages of boarding schoolYou've played a major role in each step of your child's education journey, from preschool all the way through middle school. Now that your child is a teenager learning to make his or her own choices, your role is no less critical. You want the best for your teen, which is why you're considering boarding school. Here's why choosing boarding school is a smart move.

Boarding School Advantage #1: Academic Excellence
Rigorous academics are the hallmark of boarding school education, where students take more advanced coursework and do twice as much homework as do their peers in traditional high school. The advantages of boarding school and its considerable academic challenges are high achievement in college and future careers.

Success is a natural byproduct of boarding school, which is structured for 24-hour learning. At boarding school, students are engaged in meaningful extracurricular activities, including sports, music, student government and more. One of the many benefits of boarding school is increased student involvement, far beyond the level of engagement found in traditional high school. Students at boarding school benefit by becoming professionally accomplished and philanthropically active adults.

Boarding School Advantage #2: Mentoring Relationships
Let's face it - traditional high school classes can be huge, and students tend to get lost in the shuffle. Teachers simple don't have the time to devote individual attention to each and every student - and how could they? They see each student for less than an hour each day.

On the contrary, boarding school benefits include one-on-one academic instruction as well as mentoring opportunities. Classes are small, enabling teachers to spend more time with individual students. And since students live at the school, they enjoy increased interaction, both academic and social, with faculty. The benefits of boarding school include the kinds of mentoring relationships that provide a strong foundation for mature relationships with college professors.

Boarding School Advantage #3: Personal Growth
The benefits of boarding school are personal as well. Boarding school students have the unique opportunity to practice making their own decisions in a safe campus environment. Up until now, you've protected and provided for your children, and now you can continue to provide for them by allowing them to experience the ups and downs of independent living. Of course, their independence is blossoming in an environment of structure, where potentially wayward students are gently restored to the right path.

Boarding school provides an excellent transition between the shelter of home and the complete freedom of college. Allowing your children to go to boarding school is just one more way to help them take responsibility for their actions and develop maturity.

Boarding School Advantage #4: A Celebration of Diversity
Boarding school students also develop character by the company they keep. Traditional high schools simply cannot provide the opportunity for students from all over the country (and the world!) to live and learn together.

When teens spend time with people from a variety of backgrounds, learning about different cultures and values, their worldview expands. Students at boarding school benefit by becoming less self-focused and more in tune with the world around them. They can then evaluate themselves and decide what they believe and how they would like to live. These are important life skills, leading to a high degree of self- and other-awareness.

The advantages of boarding schools are many and varied. Choosing boarding school is a logical next step in your journey of loving and providing the best for your children.