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The Best Way to Prep for the GED Test

Prep for the GEDWithout a high school diploma or GED credential, it's tough to secure a well-paying job. Adults who choose to pursue a GED credential are taking an important step toward college and a satisfying career. So what's the best way to get ready for the GED Tests?

The answer depends on what you already know, and on how you learn best. The key to performing well on the GED Tests is practice, practice, practice. Whether you prefer to take a GED course at an adult education center near you, take practice tests online, or use a workbook and videos at home, you'll need to devote some time to making sure you're ready for the real thing.

Get an instructor
For those who struggle with self-motivation, sitting down with a live human being can keep you committed to staying on task. When you visit a local adult education resource center, staff members can help you determine how much studying you'll need to do, and they will work with you to pass the GED Tests. Contact the National Center for Family Literacy to help you identify the best instructional setting for your needs.

Go virtual
For more tech-savvy, do-it-yourself types, preparing for the GED Tests online can be a great way to get a handle on the five content areas tested: science, math, social studies, reading, and writing (including an essay). Sample test questions are available on the official GED Web site, and offers official GED Practice Tests. Free online activities, learning modules, and practice tests are also available at PBS Literacy Link (free registration required).

Mix modalities
For tactile learners who prefer to touch something other than a keyboard, there are all sorts of video and workbook sets available to help you prepare for the GED Tests. Workbooks provide plenty of skill-building and test-taking practice that will help you evaluate your GED readiness in each subject area. You can even supplement your at-home study by watching "GED Connection" on PBS (Check local listings and DVR it). Tip: If you get lonely in your living room, join the GED Testing Service group on Facebook and chat with others who are busy preparing for the GED Tests.

Find the method that works best for your GED prep, and don't stop studying until you achieve success.