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The Best of Both Worlds at Washington State Universities

Students at Washington state universities are truly treated to the best of both worlds. The divided nature of the state's landscape -- the booming retail and technology sections of Seattle, versus the metropolis of Spokane -- is evidence of the diversity in lifestyle and population that comprises Washington. Likewise, its student body is equally diverse, hailing from all corners of the country and even world.

By Popular Demand
Popular educational programs at Washington state universities are as varied as the students who take them. From classical studies in literature and the humanities at smaller liberal arts schools, as well as cutting edge technology, business, healthcare, and manufacturing studies at larger research universities like Washington State University, there is something for everyone at Washington universities. There are also plenty of more focused, career-oriented curriculums if you know exactly what you're pursuing as a profession. Top-tier coursework in design, photography, management, public relations, and more are available at universities in Washington, ensuring that you will be prepared for your career in a competitive fashion.

Big Shoes To Fill
Not to mention you'll be following in the footsteps of some of this country's greatest achievers by bringing your educational experience to the state of Washington. Students of computer science and tech-heads in general should know that Microsoft Corporation is located in Redmond, Washington. In fact Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the country's wealthiest man, lives right in Medina. Talk about a picture of success!

For the forward-thinking business mind who wants to turn his or her business degree into a revolutionary concept, you should know that Starbucks was founded right in Seattle. Currently the world's biggest coffee chain, this state is obviously no stranger to birthing global phenomena, and students at Washington colleges and universities continue to enjoy the momentum of this strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Socialize With Style
Of course, it's not all textbooks and role models -- there is plenty of time for socializing and discovering new extracurricular activities at Washington universities. The artistic communities of the state are alive and vibrant, and students are continually exposed to the creativity and energy of the population. In fact, Washington state universities have found themselves right in the center of some of the country's most exciting movements in pop culture. The 1990s saw the change of the entire dynamic of popular music with the alternative acts that surfaced in Seattle. With coffee shops, music clubs, and art shows abounding, the weekend enthusiast can always find plenty of ways to occupy time while breaking from study.

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