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Summer Boarding School Programs Help Students Succeed

summer boarding schoolsInstead of watching your child fritter the warmer months away, why not give him or her the opportunity of a lifetime through a summer boarding school program? Whatever kind of experience you seek, there is a summer boarding camp to suit your needs. Some schools are focused exclusively on the summer boarding camp experience; many others offer year-round study in addition to summer boarding courses. Either way, the four- to eight-week investment in a summer boarding program is one that will pay dividends for years to come.

Academic Enrichment
College prep summer boarding school programs give motivated students the chance to stimulate their mind and have the time of their life in the process. Summer boarding schools support and enhance traditional curricular learning so students don't lose ground in their academic achievement.

Even if your child hasn't been a top-performing student, college prep summer boarding schools enable him or her to build academic confidence and motivation as he or she experiences success through consistent effort. This is an opportunity for your child to develop study and organizational skills and improve academic accountability in a structured, supportive environment. Class sizes are small, giving students individualized instruction tailored to their particular needs. In summer boarding school, your child can establish habits that are conducive to academic success.

Character Building
Academic enrichment is not the only purpose of summer boarding schools. Many summer boarding camps offer a season of adventure through extracurricular activities and wilderness excursions. Students broaden their horizons with exposure to activities such as horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and windsurfing, as well as more familiar sports and music programs and programs in the arts. These summer boarding camps also enable students to develop leadership skills through character-building activities.

Even summer boarding camps that don't focus on academics are not "just for fun" - they're designed to develop skills for life. Through exposure to peers from different backgrounds, students develop friendships with students from all over the world as well as cooperative skills that lend themselves to success in college and in life.

Preparation for Yearlong Boarding School
Summer boarding programs also provide the opportunity to test the waters and decide if yearlong boarding school is the right choice for you and your child. Students develop maturity as they take responsibility for themselves and assert their independence in a safe, structured environment. Summer boarding courses provide preparation for full-time boarding school and ultimately give you confidence in your boarding school decision. And if your child has never been away from home, summer boarding school programs are a perfect way to ease the transition.  

If you're already planning on enrolling your child in boarding school for the full academic year, summer boarding courses can help you and your child get comfortable with the school's structure, schedule, and culture. Students enrolled in summer boarding schools get a jump start on the school year away from home.

Don't let your child lose momentum in the summer months. Invest in his or her education and life skills in a summer boarding school program.