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Study with Heart at Alabama State Universities

Don't think for a second schooling at one of the many Alabama state universities is intimidating. After all, the state is known as "The Heart of Dixie" -- it seems that same principle is incorporated in the programs offered at universities in Alabama.

Cool Alabama School News

Last year, the Alabama College System served 316,090 individuals in two-year colleges, workforce training programs, and adult education, says the Chancellor's Annual Report. This number increased significantly as compared to past years. Research shows the enrollment increase also reflects the racial diversity of the state.

Recently, the admissions staff at Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) in Birmingham, AL observed that there are now more ways to contact prospective students. The main way to actually reach them: Cell phones. Due to the trend, they're now asking students to provide their mobile phone numbers in admissions materials. "This is the first year we've asked for that, and [prospective students] will answer that phone," said Sheri Salmon, associate vice president for admission at BSC.

Sweet Home Alabama State Universities
Alabama universities care about students so much, graduates can only look at their campus years fondly.

Krissy Sparks, who attended Auburn University in Auburn, AL, recalls "Sports are huge at our school. Our main rival is the University of Alabama -- everything revolves around football in the fall."

Aside from sports, the exercise science graduate remembers campus as truly beautiful. "The town is a typical college town, even though there are a fair amount of locals in the are. Everything is centered for the students. The social scene, from what I remember, was great. There are a handful of bars and you always run into everyone you wanted to see when you went out."

During school hours, Krissy would take classes in biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor development, exercise prescription, research methods, and sports psychology. "We had hands-on experiences. We had labs in our classes," she recalls. "I didn't do an internship, but my practicum at the strength and conditioning room and independent study as a personal trainer at Auburn helped prepared me for what's to come."

Krissy is currently pursuing her masters in sports management. She attests, "I loved my time at Auburn and I wish I could go back!"

Alabama State Universities: Where the Students Like the Cops (Really!)

Students at Birmingham-Southern College are eternally grateful for campus cops. The school employs 18 campus police that do student auto safety checks, feed fish in residence hall rooms while students are away, pick up students and take them to class during inclement weather, above their duties as officers. "The phrase 'We don't do that' is not in our vocabulary," says Randy Youngblood, chief of campus police. Because the police department's relationship is so good with students, they are usually helpful with investigations.

Intrigued by the TLC of Alabama universities? Take that yearn for attending a school that cares about you into your college research and find out everything you can about Alabama state universities. Remember, to make the most out of your college experience and take advantage of the services your school offers.

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