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Strange but Smart SAT Tips and Secrets

It's back... the latest edition of the other SAT guide, Up Your Score, is available. What sets it apart from the multitude of practice test--filled guides out there (which are also pretty helpful if you use them), is that this one is chock--full of strategies from super SAT takers. It has attitude and irreverence, and you'll learn tons. Even better, you can get SAT--savvy at, too. What you can do...

Scroll for tips >> Two good ones we found:
-- If you skip a question because you don't know the answer, put a mark next to it. For ones you don't think you can figure out, put an X; for ones you may be able to go back to if you have time, put a question mark.

-- If a problem has fractions in the question and the answer, don't waste time converting to decimals. You should be able to do the problem without your calculator. Mnemonic word play >> Wile E. Coyote used wily means of sneaking up on Roadrunner. Get it? Choose a letter and get definitions with memorable sentences like these. The lesson here? The more creative you are when using a word, the easier you'll remember it.

Chat it up >> Guest authors Smitha Prabhuswamy and Jason Abaluck act as moderators on an all--SAT, all--the--time message board. Log on for daily exercises, general and specific tips from other test--takers, or just to rant about how much you hate the SAT (don't we all!).