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Southern Hospitality and Hot Weather Welcome Atlanta College Students

Sure, that whole southern hospitality thing is a great perk to attending a college in Atlanta, Georgia, but what about all that nice hot weather? With average temps in the 60s year-round (it's more like 80-90 in the summer, 45-60 in the winter), Atlanta is an ideal pick for future college bounders who are looking for a little nice weather and some southern comfort.

Attending an Atlanta college will grant you full access to the entire city, the virtual cultural capital of the south. The city pulses with one of the best arts and music scenes in the country, not to mention great museums, parks and all that delicious southern food!

The city itself is a survivor. After being largely destroyed during the Civil War, Atlanta was rebuilt and dedicated as the new "capital" of the south. It's often referred to as the "New York of the South" as its flare and cultural diversity, along with its thriving arts and culture scene, have earned it big league city status.

Attending an Atlanta college will present you with many opportunities to explore the city's rich history firsthand. Relive the Civil War's Battle of Atlanta at the Cyclorama, which presents a vivid depiction of the historic battle in an unusual and fascinating art form; or visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site for a peek into the window of time. If you prefer to leave the history lesson in the classroom, hit up Buckhead or downtown Atlanta for a great nightlife, and catch a jazz concert or two.

Atlanta universities are abundant, and present a variety of opportunities to experience college life in one on the coolest cities around. Atlanta colleges are a great choice if you're looking for a little flare in your college life, and if you want to attend an Atlanta university but still want the big city feel. Choose an Atlanta university and get the best of both worlds, southern style!