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Shine at Wisconsin State Universities

A striking education awaits you at Wisconsin colleges and universities. You're sure to shine -- with a valuable degree in hand -- should you attend a school in Wisconsin. Feast your eyes on what they have to offer in terms of valuable programs, impressive opportunities, and unique students and faculty.

Wisconsin State Universities Shine
As they should... Just check out some of what shines at Wisconsin colleges and universities.

Although the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI) is not an Ivy League school, it might as well be. The school beat out Harvard University in 2004 as the university attended by the most CEOs of Standard & Poor's 500 companies, according to a study conducted by executive search firm Spencer Stuart.

In terms of educating budding medical students, Wisconsin is on the cutting-edge as well. Jonell Shoemaker found out she was afflicted with acute myeloid leukemia in 2001. Physicians at Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin, a school that's on the forefront of research and treatment of cancer, helped her using an intriguing new therapy of attacking the cancer with the power of someone else's immune system -- the first of its kind. Shoemaker has been off anti-rejection medications since 2003 and is now in complete remission thanks to doctors and researchers at Foredtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin.

Striking People of Wisconsin Universities
Weird and wacky stories are everywhere at Wisconsin state universities. Although some exhibit behavior you shouldn't emulate, some people's oddities leave so much for students to talk about.

Anthony R. Gallagher, University of Wisconsin student collected parking fines from students with fake tickets. The fraternity member used a computer to produce the faux fines which were modeled after a ticket he received months prior. Investigators traced the tickets back to him and charged him with one misdemeanor count of obstruction.

Dr. Bruce Hetzler, on the other hand, has something to be proud of. The professor of psychology and director of the neuroscience program at Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) is a moonlighter -- a teacher by day, a magician by night. He's been teaching for 26 years, but has been practicing magic for 40.

Wisconsin Universities Student Spotlight
Despite what you think about a career in video games, Lauren Silberman, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI), says an independent major in gaming is not all fun and games. Sure, Lauren's playing "Madden 2005" with graduate students and a professor, and she even lectured on "Tony Hawk Underground," but her studies also require a lot of hard work - especially since she's creating her own curriculum.

She's ultimately pushing to integrate video games into classrooms. "I have lofty goals -- I want to change the world [using] video games," she attests. "Kids are concentrating when they play video games; why aren't they concentrating in algebra? I think there's something there. A lot can be learned from games."

Want to follow in Lauren's footsteps and attend one of many Wisconsin colleges and universities? You, too, can apply what you learn at one of many universities in Wisconsin. Take that desire to make a difference to higher education. Make the most out of your college experience and take advantage of opportunities that let you shine.