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School Spotlight: Virtual High School of Excellence

Virtual HSVirtual High School of Excellence, a Florida-based online high school, is committed to supporting, challenging, and encouraging the abilities and efforts of each and every student.

Virtual High School of Excellence is nationally accredited by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools, and is a candidate for accreditation by the National Association of Private & Home Schools. The private online high school is also registered with the Florida Department of Education. Additionally, the school is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A rating.

Enrollment Options
Students may enroll in the Virtual High School of Excellence diploma program full time, or they may choose to take a course or two to supplement their own high school or home school education. Another option is dual enrollment, in which students concurrently enroll in Virtual High School of Excellence and another public or private school. Students taking three or fewer classes at their local high school may qualify for dual enrollment.

The Virtual High School of Excellence curriculum is aligned with national standards, which ensures that students are prepared for college and the challenges of the 21st century. The school utilizes video, PowerPoint, Flash movies, and all the latest technology. Plus, the curriculum is all-inclusive, meaning tuition costs cover all books and materials, with no additional purchases required.

Virtual High School of Excellence offers more than 125 full- and half-credit courses for both core curriculum and electives. A full load is classified as six courses. Courses range from three to six months, or approximately 120 to 140 hours. There is a minimum two-month completion time for online learning courses. Exams are taken online, and students are required to have a proctor available. 

Virtual High School of Excellence is one of the few online schools in the country with all certified and/or licensed teachers in their respective disciplines. The school offers more than 20 faculty, staff, and administrators to assist students. Students and teachers interact on a daily basis, and teachers are accessible via live chat rooms as well. VHSE Community provides a secure social network for students and teachers to share ideas.

Advisors are available to talk with individual students each day regarding personal, social, emotional, and academic concerns. Other services provided by the advisement office include course selection assistance, academic progress tracking, and college planning.

Every Virtual High School of Excellence parent has a login, which provides an instant student progress report that indicates how much time the student has spent in school as well as his or her consolidated grade report for each course.

High School Equivalency
Virtual High School of Excellence also offers the online High School Equivalency Exam for adult learners to earn their high school diploma. In order to earn a diploma, students must pass each of the six test sections with a score of 70 percent or higher. The school offers one retake opportunity if students fail the exam on the first try.

If you're ready to experience high school in a fresh, new way, check out Virtual High School of Excellence.