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School Spotlight: Provost Academy South Carolina

Provost AcademyProvost Academy South Carolina is a brand new, tuition-free, full-time online public high school opening to South Carolina residents Fall 2009. The school was created to address the need for a challenging and flexible education option for students who want more than a traditional high school can provide.

What kinds of courses are offered?
Provost Academy curriculum aligns with South Carolina state standards and graduation requirements and includes honors-level courses such as calculus and statistics. Rather than providing AP courses, the school works with community colleges to allow students to earn college credits for certain topics - tuition free. 

In addition to rigorous coverage of the high school math and science curriculum, Provost Academy South Carolina offers courses that introduce students to a unique variety of scientific topics, such as environmental science, astronomy, sports science, computer science, and technological sciences.

What makes the online classroom "live"?
Provost Academy courses uniquely engage students and address multiple learning styles through streaming videos, flash-based activities, podcasts, text and voice discussion forums, blog writing, on-demand synchronous tutoring, and more.

The live online classroom at Provost Academy South Carolina enables students to participate in verbal and written discussions, hear and view lectures and presentations, and learn from instructors writing on a virtual white board. Students can even "raise their hand" to ask a question or add to a discussion. Students take notes in their personal online notebook, and lectures can be recorded for reference later on.

What kind of academic support is provided?
Before beginning at Provost Academy, students take an initial assessment to identify content-specific strengths and weaknesses. An academic advisor then meets with each family to create the best education plan for the student. Throughout the year, the academic advisor ensures that the student is meeting or exceeding his or her academic goals across all subjects. Students are required to interact with their advisor at least once a week throughout their tenure at Provost Academy South Carolina.

In addition, live, on-demand tutors are available in every subject, 12 hours a day. Students are also supported by live instructors and graders who provide expert instruction and detailed performance feedback.

How can students and families measure academic progress?
At Provost Academy South Carolina, students take daily assessments in every lesson, and this progress is reported on their personal home page. Students have clear, achievable goals each day, which allow them to focus, see accomplishment, and stay motivated. They can easily see learning progress, assignments, and grades at a glance on their individualized Student Portal.

Believing that parent communication and involvement is essential to student success in online public high school, Provost Academy equips families to take an active role as well. The Parent Portal provides access to all of the relevant information about their student's education from a single home page. From there, parents can easily communicate with instructors and advisors and quickly view academic progress, grades, attendance, achievement intervention alerts and status, and school and course announcements. Parents can also review the content of the courses their student is taking.

If you're looking for a unique, 21st century high school education that's customized to your needs, look no further than Provost Academy South Carolina.