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School Spotlight: National High School

national hsNational High School was founded on the belief that all students should have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma. Since traditional high schools are not for everyone, the Atlanta, GA-based school, which is internationally accredited by The Commission on International Trans-Regional Accreditation and regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, offers a unique and flexible approach to earning a high school diploma using computer-based courses.

Student Profile
Online high school isn't only for students who suffer from discipline problems or poor academics, though those students certainly have a place at National High School. Some students need make-up or summer school credits in order to graduate on time. Others are taking AP courses to graduate early or to earn college credits. And other students who dropped out of school altogether now wish to earn an accredited high school diploma - not just a GED.

National High School serves students worldwide. In fact, 50 percent of its students reside in over 90 countries. Many of these students are pursuing a U.S. high school diploma in order to attend a U.S. university. And through Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), military service members stationed all over the world take National High School courses as well.

Course Offerings
At National High School, students take the same classes they would take in a traditional high school. Each course has been developed and reviewed by field experts, is subject to regular revision, and is aligned with national standards. The school offers more than 100 different courses, including 15 AP classes. Courses range from remedial to advanced, so students can choose the courses that meet their academic needs and support their learning style. Courses can be started at any time during the year.

Each course contains approximately 18 lessons throughout the semester. Assignments consist of reading texts, completing interactive activities, responding to discussion topics on message boards and in chatrooms, and completing the assessment. Exams and assessments are all given online, and are computer- and instructor-graded. Courses are asynchronous, so you can synthesize material at your own pace and provide well thought-out responses, free of the pressure of immediate feedback. Assignments take about five to six hours and may be completed at any time, so you can finish a course in 18 weeks, or much quicker if you're motivated to do so. Students are permitted to take four courses at a time.

Academic Support
For each course, National High School provides qualified instructors whose expertise is in that disciplinary field. Instructors are available for consultation through e-mail, telephone, and in the virtual classroom. If you need special one-on-one assistance, you can also make an appointment with your instructor to meet in the virtual classroom at a special time. The school provides individual tutoring services by phone, online, and in threaded group-based instruction.

E-teachers and guidance counselors at National High School are available year round to help you choose courses. And the school's guidance program is there to assist you in developing a Personal Education Plan so you can take ownership of your academic success. Plus, each student is assigned to a faculty member who serves as an advocate in preparing him or her for a successful transition to future endeavors.

If you enjoy working at your own pace, you need to schedule schoolwork around your career, or you just relish the freedom that online education affords, consider earning your accredited high school diploma from National High School.