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School Spotlight: Insight Schools

If you're seeking an alternative to the traditional high school experience, consider Insight Schools, which operates a network of nine accredited, diploma-granting, tuition-free public online high schools nationwide. At Insight Schools - currently available in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin - you'll discover ample opportunities for hands-on learning, creative exploration, social interaction, and academic achievement to prepare you for 21st century success.


Though Insight Schools offers flexible online high school education, you won't be left to your own devices. An adult iMentor will work with you and your family to create an iAchieve Learning Plan based on your skill levels, learning style, and goals. Working through your individualized learning plan will ensure that the courses you take are relevant and appropriate and will provide a roadmap for academic success.

And you will definitely need a roadmap, as experienced, state-certified teachers offer instruction in more than 110 courses, including Advanced Placement, honors, vocational, and college prep classes. Interactive virtual classroom sessions consist of live instruction and one-on-one student-teacher meetings. Insight Schools also provides hands-on internship and mentorship opportunities in a wide variety of industries and occupations. Should you require additional academic assistance, free tutoring is available on demand. Plus, your dedicated iMentor is always there to help you stay on track with your studies and succeed in the online learning environment.

Some Insight Schools allow you to earn high school and college credit simultaneously through the Pathways program at Axia College of the University of Phoenix. Plus, once you complete your online high school education at Insight Schools, you are guaranteed admission to Axia College.

Bonus: Since Insight Schools are public online high schools, your education is free. You'll even get a free laptop, printer/scanner, headset, and microphone while you're enrolled! A stipend for Internet access may be available to you as well.

At Insight Schools, helping you earn your high school diploma is not the only goal. Academic counselors are available to offer career counseling and college placement services as you move from high school to your future endeavors. Insight's iThrive Resource Center includes a wide range of support services, from employment assistance and summer recreation activities to crisis counseling and other social services. And you won't have to worry about dealing with middle-of-the-night computer issues, either - Insight Schools offers technical support 24 hours a day. 

Though Insight Schools are public online high schools, they still offer myriad opportunities for virtual and face-to-face interaction. Clubs, study groups, pizza parties, dances, field trips, community service projects, and other activities are available to help you form lasting friendships. In this way, students at these public online high schools truly form a social and intellectual community of friends. When you complete your studies, you will even be able to receive your accredited high school diploma at a live graduation ceremony with your classmates.

Whether you plan to pursue college, vocational school, the military, or a career, you are welcome at Insight Schools. With individualized education that accommodates your unique learning style, lifestyle, and goals, Insight Schools provides thorough preparation for higher education, the workplace, and the rest of your life.