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School Spotlight: Fork Union Military Academy

Founded in 1898, Fork Union Military Academy (FUMA) has been nurturing the body, mind, and spirit of young men for more than 100 years. The Fork Union, VA, military boarding school, which is fully accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, is dedicated to providing middle school, high school, and postgraduate students with college preparatory education in a residential, Christian environment.

Academic excellence
The hallmark of the Upper School (grades 9-12) academic program at FUMA is the One-Subject Plan. The plan divides the school year into five seven-week terms, in which cadets take only one course at a time, focusing all their attention on that subject for seven weeks. Studying one subject at a time is a unique experience that sharpens focus and improves concentration.

In addition, mandatory evening study periods five days a week teach cadets to concentrate on one subject for up to two hours per session, which instills the study habits essential to succeeding in high school and college.

College preparation
Fork Union Military Academy provides cadets with guidance in selecting classes, identifying their college choices, applying for college scholarships and service academy appointments, and completing the college admissions process. Cadets also benefit from SAT prep courses, college visits, and on-site college fairs and admissions interviews. The school boasts a near perfect 100 percent college acceptance rate.

Military and extracurricular activities
In addition to outstanding academic programs, the military boarding school environment at Fork Union Military Academy provides each young man with a firsthand opportunity to participate in learning about leadership. FUMA also has a stellar athletic department, as well as a music program with opportunities to participate in choir, chorale, band, bagpipe band, bugle corps, string ensemble, music theory class, or even private music lessons.

Spiritual development
Though Fork Union Military Academy accepts qualified applicants regardless of religion, the school is affiliated with the Baptist General Association of Virginia. The religious program at FUMA promotes spiritual growth and moral development while offering guidance in ethical decision-making consistent with Christian principles.

Toward that end, Upper School cadets are required to attend religious services three times a week, and they must also take a religious studies course for a solid, information-based foundation to enrich their personal faith. Cadets also participate in a variety of service projects to benefit the school and its surrounding community.

Real-life role models
At Fork Union Military Academy, caring, attentive faculty serve not just as instructors and coaches, but as role models for students. There is no lack of direction and guidance at FUMA, where cadets know exactly what is expected of them and are held accountable for meeting those expectations. Most faculty members live on campus, making them an integral part of campus and student life.

If you want to develop responsibility, leadership, discipline, and perseverance in a safe and structured environment that encourages academic achievement as well as personal growth, pursue your college preparatory education at Fork Union Military Academy.