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Salt Lake City Colleges Bring Flavor to Education

Everyone's college experience needs its own flavor. So why not make things interesting by attending a college in Salt Lake City, Utah? This state capital has plenty to offer students in both their academic and personal pursuits.

Snowy Delights for Everyone
Located at the northern end of the Salt Lake Valley, bordered by mountain ranges on either side, Utah's capital city was home to the 2002 Winter Olympics. The snow capped mountains surrounding the city receive more than 500 inches of snow annually and two ski resorts offer spas, restaurants, and winter festivals. It's the perfect recreation spot for students at Salt Lake City universities who can flock there with friends to enjoy a little R and R. Whether you're a sports fan or a shopaholic, these resorts have something for you.

Education and Recreation
If you decide to attend a Salt Lake City university you'll always be able to depend on the area's recreational centers for a night of fun. Catch a Utah Jazz basketball game at the Delta Center or take a 10-minute ride south to the E Center where musical groups like the Black Eyed Peas often give concerts.

A Luminous Library
For the bookworm-types who relish an afternoon with a well-read text, there's the Salt Lake City Public Library. This is no stereotypical brick building with dark lighting and cramped quarters; students from Salt Lake City colleges can enjoy a spacious 240,000 square foot building that features walls and ceilings made of glass. For those who grow tired of browsing the library's more than 500,000 items, there's also a cafe, art gallery, and rooftop garden to visit.

Attack History and Fashion with a Passion
As any student at a Salt Lake City college can tell you, the city offers plenty of new takes on old pastimes. Anyone can shop at a mall, but Utah's capital features shopping locales that are sure to appeal to history majors from Salt Lake City universities. There's Trolley Square, which features a quaint turn-of-the-century setting. Students from Salt Lake City colleges can also frequent Gardner Village, where specialty stores are located in cabins that have been restored from the area's mill industry days.

It's clear that attending a college in Salt Lake City, Utah offers more than just an education in the classroom, but new learning opportunities outside of it as well. And when you've had enough of facts and figures, these places also turn into the perfect escape for downtime fun.