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Religious-Affiliated Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are not just for those who have nowhere else to turn. They are an ideal place for students to prepare for college and meet new people. And, for those seeking a religious college preparatory education, religiously-affiliated boarding schools are certainly worth exploring. You can be sure to find a religiously-affiliated boarding school in the religion you practice, as there are many options available throughout the country. From Catholic to Jewish to Christian to Islamic religions, religiously-affiliated boarding schools have a broad range of beliefs and teachings.

Religiously-affiliated boarding schools all have one thing in common: they are a place where students go to live and learn. They will get a college preparatory education from professors who are skilled to teach the students in a rigorous manner. The professors oftentimes live within student residences as well, fostering a deep sense of community and school spirit. The only noticeable difference may be the religious beliefs of those at various religiously-affiliated boarding schools.

There are many extracurricular activities available to students at religiously-affiliated boarding schools, many of which are faith-based. Some of these programs may include sports teams, academic competitive leagues, and groups that stand for a specific cause. The activities that are religious in nature help give students at religiously-affiliated boarding schools the option to get even more involved within their faith.

Depending on which religious-affiliated boarding school you attend, you may find class time will be centered on the dominant faith of the boarding school. The history, central writings, and practices of the religion are main focuses throughout the curriculum at religious-affiliated boarding schools.

Religious-affiliated boarding schools are ideal for students that desire a faith-based education. Sometimes being around those with similar beliefs can be a great motivator, as well as an excellent spiritual experience. Students attending religious-affiliated boarding schools may benefit in different ways and can still find a diverse group of individuals, despite their similar beliefs.

Students and parents may choose different boarding schools for a variety of reasons. However, those choosing religiously-affiliated boarding schools are likely looking for a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, a spiritual learning experience, and a program that has the potential to be a life-changing experience.