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Quality of Education and Life at Iowa State Universities

Students at Iowa state universities study in an environment that blends the traditional with the cutting edge. When a student attends Iowa colleges and universitie, they are treated to a scenic and inviting climate that not only fosters academia, but also provides a quality of life that is second to none.

Creative Spaces
"I relocated to Iowa from Los Angeles, because it's just a beautiful place," says Ed Ogle, senior vice president at Upper Iowa University (Fayette, IO). "After all, the name itself means 'The Beautiful Land.' The open spaces here are wonderful. They help expand the mind, and there is definitely a positive relationship between a wide-open sweeping environment and how it stimulates creativity."

Education for the Outdoor Enthusiast
The location of Iowa universities is certainly one that caters to the student with a love of the outdoors. "Iowa provides very good recreational opportunities for its students," says Ogle. "Outdoor activities are easily accessible, and students don't need to travel far to engage in things like hiking, fishing, or bicycling. The Missouri and Mississippi rivers border on either side of the state, and there are countless scenic vistas. Something like whitewater rafting, that many students would have to travel far to enjoy, are available right here in our backyard. All of these things really cater to somebody to has a love of nature they want to cultivate while at school."

Education with Edge
Of course, attending Iowa universities is more than just quenching your thirst for adventure -- the environment fosters great educations as well. "We have strong programs in agriculture as would be expected, but we also offer very cutting edge programs in business or homeland security -- things that are popular subjects currently," says Fedelina Madrid, the school's vice president of marketing and communications. "We also offer excellent programs in teacher education, and the state really takes pride in that. We have recruiters from all over the country seeking out graduates from Iowa state universities."

Iowa colleges and universities also extend their reach to many other corners of the world. "Upper Iowa University has schools in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vancouver," adds Madrid. "When people think of universities in Iowa, they may not necessarily think innovative and progressive, but the truth is it's all here."

Quality of Life
Studying at Iowa universities not only afford you a top tier educational experience, but an overall quality of life that is superb. "We recognize educational demands, but there is also a very healthy sense of family and community here at Iowa state universities," says Ogle. "It's very common for students to come from outside the state, and wind up staying. Not to mention we have the third highest graduation rate. Iowans are passionate about their support for higher education."

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