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Public Online High Schools Offer an Independent Alternative

Do you crave independence at your high school? Perhaps you feel that you're not being challenged to your fullest potential. If this is the case, you may want to look into public online high schools. It is here that some students can truly benefit from a different kind of high school experience. Can you handle this high school alternative? Let's see what public online high schools are all about...

What is a public online high school?
Also known as a virtual public high school, public online high schools prepare students for a college education and a career by educating them with the latest technology. With flexible schedules and a similar curriculum to traditional public high schools, public online high schools give students the option to excel in a different kind of environment. Essentially, you can pick a public online high school based on your needs, rather than attending a public high school according to your zip code.

How is a public online high school similar to a traditional public high school?
The curriculum at a public online high school is comparable to that of a traditional high school. The only main difference is the fact that you are not in a traditional setting. Additionally, independence is essential to working successfully toward a high school diploma at public online high schools, as there is no teacher on top of the student, helping them complete their assignments. However, there are some forms of guidance at public online high schools that can help you get through assignments and answer questions you may have.

How much do public online high schools cost?
Since public online high schools are comparable to traditional public high schools, there is typically no cost to earn your diploma here. As long as the public online high school you attend is accredited and working with the state department, it has passed a set of standards that the state deems necessary for a student to earn their high school diploma. If you search around a bit, you may even find a public online high school that pays for a student's computer and Internet fees.

What are some cons of a public online high school?
Some may find the lack of socialization a con when attending public online high schools. In fact, many public online high schools do not offer extracurricular activities that may be available to students who attend online charter schools and other kinds of private programs.

Who might benefit from public online high schools?
There are many children with disabilities who may not be able to leave their house and attend a traditional high school. If this is the case, parents may choose to work with their children through a public online high school product. This keeps the cost down and the curriculum at a pace most appropriate for the student.

Some gifted students who work well independently might also find that they are challenged more through a public online high school program. In this case, they do not need to be held back by other students who may be struggling in an area they are quick to master.

Public online high schools are not for everyone, but should be looked at closely in the event of a high school alternative. This low cost high school alternative is certainly worth it for some and could be just what you need to succeed and continue on to higher education.