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Pouring Offers for Students at a Seattle College

Besides rain, the city of Seattle, WA, has so much more to offer. With a vibe so famous you've seen it depicted onscreen many times over, Seattle boasts an amazing nightlife of rock music and beyond, as well as your pick of countless coffeehouses. Such attributes make schooling at a Seattle university enjoyable.

From Baker Boys to Singles

Seattle, WA, is such a fabulous city and has been the setting for many movies and TV shows including, "An Officer and a Gentleman," "War Games," "Say Anything," and "Fabulous Baker Boys." The city's name even graced the title of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedy, "Sleepless in Seattle." Tom Hanks' character lived right by the gorgeous Seattle water in the movie where he'd go sailing with his son.

The city also set the scene for the '80s cult classic, "Singles," starring BRIDGET FONDA and MATT DILLON -- the movie about singles in their 20s who live in the same apartment complex. Relationship, rock and roll, employment, and dating issues aside, the movie is a must-see for Seattle college students. Not only will undergrads at Seattle universities get a handle on what the city has to offer, they'll also get some lessons in young adulthood and Seattle nightlife's grunge rock scene.

Sleepless in Seattle

Lucky for Seattle university students, Seattle has great coffeehouses. When you're pulling all-nighters and cramming for exams, there are plenty of coffeeshops to choose from when it comes to getting your caffeine fix. Although Starbucks is all over the world these days, not many can say they've ordered a latte from the very first one! In 1971, the very first Starbucks opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Although the coffeehouse didn't have the immense menu you see today, the Starbucks in downtown Seattle had adopted the caffe latte by 1984 -- an idea they got from Europeans. Now students at Seattle colleges can enjoy an impressive menu with frapuccinos, capuccinos, and espressos.

From rock and roll to great coffee, how can you resist attending a Seattle university? Interested in finding out more? Research a college in Seattle, WA to see if you'd be a good fit.