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Physical Therapy with the Stars

As the traveling Physical Therapist (PT) for the Broadway show "Movin' Out," Jeremy Baber's day includes music, hanging out with dancers, and nationwide travel. Who would've thought a degree in physical therapy would get you there!

It's not your typical job in medicine, but this "part-time gypsy" wouldn't trade it for anything.

A Dream Job
After graduating from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) in May 2002 with a master's degree in physical therapy, Jeremy began researching potential employers. He came across one that provided therapy services for a Broadway tour.

"I decided I wanted to work for them based on that fact alone," says Jeremy. He signed on, even though the company did not have an opening for a touring physical therapist at the time. "I let my employer know after I was hired that should we get another Broadway tour, I would happily take it."

Six months later, that's exactly what happened.

Post-Grad Training
Three years of physical therapy school provided a broad knowledge base and a proficiency in many areas, says Jeremy. But he was not educated in the specialized area of dance therapy.

"I really had to go out of my way to learn about the dance world via books, continuing education, and by spending time with performing arts physical therapists in New York City," he says. The Stage Is His Workplace Jeremy arrives at the theater two hours before each show, working nightly for four hours. On weekends, he puts in eight-hour days since there are two shows.

"I am responsible for treating performers for new and old injuries that result from performing in the show," says Jeremy. "As the saying goes, 'The show must go on.'"

Aside from the benefits of traveling, Jeremy says he receives immense satisfaction knowing
he's helping his "patients" perform at their highest level.

"It's an amazing feeling to have performers tell you they couldn't have done the show that night without your help," he says.

For Future Physical Therapists
Whether aspiring to attend physical therapy school or anything else, follow your heart, says Jeremy. "To be a good physical therapist, regardless of whatever setting you're in, you must truly love what you do," says Jeremy.