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New York 2 Year Colleges Offer Many Benefits

New York colleges are among some of the best, most selective in the country - no one would dispute that. But did you know that 2 year colleges in New York have lots of unique things to offer as well? From lower tuition prices and transfer opportunities, to commuting convenience and professors that care, there are many advantages to going the community college route. Consider applying to a community college -- you just may find it's the best choice for you.

Taking the Leap

"Attending a two-year school is an excellent way to prepare for success at a four-year institution," assures Zipora Reitman, director of communications at SUNY (State University of New York) Rockland Community College. That's because many students who attend a 2 year college in New York or elsewhere, do so with the intention of leaping to a four-year institution to continue for a bachelor's degree.

"At SUNY Rockland, the majority of students transfer to four-year colleges and universities," points out Reitman. "Like most community colleges, to facilitate the transfer process, SUNY Rockland has established many specific transfer agreements with private and public four-year colleges."

And don't think for a minute that attending New York 2 year colleges limits your transferring options to strictly public universities. Many SUNY Rockland students, specifically those within the honors programs, continue schooling at prestigious colleges including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Amherst, Brown, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Why go 2 year?
For starters, students who attend a 2 year college can save some tuition dollars, and often find themselves with less student loan debt after graduation. "Community colleges offer a quality education at a fraction of the cost of private colleges or even of public, four-year colleges," says Reitman.

And, adds Ned Strauser, interim dean/vice president of Corning Community College, the savings don't stop with tuition prices. "Frequently the two-year community college is located in or near the student's home, thus allowing the student to save money by living there," he says.

Another major benefit touted by two-year schools in New York is that students receive just as much if not more individualized attention from faculty, since they are not distracting by research projects, Plus, classes are not taught by teaching assistants.

Can't decide what you want to major in? A New York 2 year college is the perfect place for students who are unsure of his/her direction and want time to explore options before narrowing their focus. "You can get your feet wet with the college experience while still living at home," says Reitman.

But watch out, warns Kim Von Hagn, a student at Corning Community College. "Students considering a two-year college should be aware of the fact that you are very likely to encounter students that graduated from the same high school as they did. This is not necessary bad but it does bring up the possibility that they might be more easily distracted by their old friends."

As you get into the college admissions process, don't overlook the possibilities at New York 2 year colleges.

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