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Never a Gloomy Day at a Phoenix College

You can't go wrong with the "right-to-work" state. Arizona law states that no person shall be denied the opportunity to obtain or retain employment because of non-membership in a labor organization. And the city of Phoenix is right in the middle of this labor supportive state.

Phoenix, AZ averages 211 days of sunshine per year -- only 85 days per year are partly cloudy, and only 69 are cloudy and rainy. Gloomy school days are not part of the Phoenix college student's curriculum!

Opportunities Knock on Phoenix University Students' Doors
Aside from good weather and the fantastic culture that Phoenix has to offer, the city always has its residents in mind. Fortunately for students at Phoenix colleges, plenty of educational opportunities abound.

For starters, student athletes planning to attend a college in Phoenix, AZ, will find an abundance of great programs. For instance, should Phoenix college students decide to take their enthusiasm for sports to the next level and develop it into a career, the Phoenix Parks Department offers a paid summer internship program for aspiring female basketball players. All you've got to demonstrate is some knowledge of basketball and a desire to work with kids.

Prospective student athletes can also learn about coaching, officiating, job skills, and sports-related career opportunities through the The Plan-It League, a program offered through the Parks and Recreation Department. Interns from Phoenix universities can learn about the biz, then pass on their knowledge to grade-school girls as coaches of a recreational basketball team.

Fun in the Sun for Students at Phoenix Colleges
With such great weather, who could pass up fun, outdoor festivals in Phoenix? The city does a great job at providing cool events for Phoenix university students and city residents to enjoy. The "Great Opera Meets Great Broadway" is an award-winning concert series put together by the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is not only free, but boasts a spectacular symphony -- perfect for music lovers! As an added bonus, City Jazz Youth Big Band also performs during the concert.

What other cool concerts can you attend in Phoenix? The "Concert Under the Stars" series encompasses five free concerts at the Steele Indian School Park's outdoor amphitheater. Phoenix residents say this is the hottest ticket in town -- not to mention, a perfect activity for music majors attending Phoenix colleges! Everyone is encouraged to bring picnic baskets, blankets, and lawn chairs to enjoy the music-filled evening with their family and friends.

It's no question Phoenix encompasses many attributes -- from great weather to excellent programs -- to consider when you're choosing a school location. If you're interested in attending a Phoenix college, find out more about what the city has to offer and you'll quickly see why there's never a gloomy day in Phoenix!