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Nevada Universities Are a Good Bet!

While Nevada is known for gambling, Nevada colleges and universities are known for their groundbreaking research and the opportunities they offer. Students who attend Nevada universities are able to take the extra step in applying their studies to the off-campus world. To learn more about Nevada state universities and their winning-track records, read on.

Campus Discoveries
When students at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) discovered an unusual spider in January of 2006, it wasn't cause for alarm but for celebration. The spider is known as the webspinner, and its discovery by four biology undergrads marked the first record of it in Nevada. Thanks to this, entomologists have further proof of the species' ability to spread throughout regions that have similar climates.

During the same month, researchers from UNR's earthquake engineering program, one of the U.S.'s top 10 programs of its kind, were awarded $1.42 million from the National Science Foundation to study the effects that earthquakes have on bridges in order to improve future designs.

But UNR's influence isn't limited to landmarks -- it spreads throughout the community. In early 2006, the mayor of Reno City honored UNR's College of Business and Administration with a commendation ceremony and plaque, for its work with The Reno Redevelopment Agency in increasing business growth within the city.

Winners on the Slopes and in the Schools
Basketball and football may be the norm in most places, but at Nevada state universities you can expect to see students excel in the snow rather than just the court and field. In 2006, Sierra Nevada College's skiing and snowboarding teams received numerous awards for their performance in the USCSA National Championships in Maine. For the first time, the men's snowboard team received the Overall Combined Team title, the most prestigious award to be given at the championships. The ladies' ski team was also awarded the overall title.

Of course, athletes aren't the only winners at Nevada state universities. Sierra Nevada College has been receiving so many applicants for its Teacher Education program that it had to open a new 5,500 square foot facility to accommodate students. It's an addition that benefits both the college and the state, which is currently suffering a teacher shortage as more and more K-12 schools are built throughout Nevada.

Reaching for the Sky
Students share notes so why shouldn't Nevada universities share opportunities for students? Thanks to an agreement with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), the Community College of Southern Nevada will offer an Air Force ROTC program. Students who attend the Community College of Southern Nevada will be able to take the program on their own campus (and at their usual prices) for freshman and sophomore years. After that they must transfer to UNLV to complete their last two years, at which point they will also receive a minor in Aerospace Studies.

If any of these programs or stories have gotten your attention, continue researching universities in Nevada. You'll find a lot of safe bets, and possibly the winning hand for you.