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Nevada Colleges and Universities

The stark and arid land of Nevada is covered with snow-capped peaks, desert valleys green with sage, tourist areas, and impressive universities. What more could you ask for? How about glittering cities like Las Vegas and Carson City that draw visitors and prospective students from all around the world with their luxurious casinos and stage shows?!

Students who decide to attend Nevada universities will enjoy the state's diverse lands and exciting attractions. Almost all of Nevada lies within the Great Basin, while a smaller part of Nevada lies on the Sierra-Cascade province, which extends across the state's western edge -- an enjoyable landscape for students at universities in Nevada. This is where mountain slopes reach down from exciting cities like Lake Tahoe toward Reno and Carson City, a popular hot spot for students during spring break.

With Nevada's fast growing population and impressive universities, the state's economy is booming, making it more attractive for college-bounders to consider. In fact, in the 1990s, Nevada had the fastest-growing population compared to any of the other states. With such development, it is no wonder students are considering attending one of the many Nevada universities in hopes of finding a career in their neck of the woods.

By 2004, Nevada had a workforce of 1,200,000, with many graduates coming from universities in Nevada. About 48 percent in the workforce worked in service industries, with jobs like catering to tourists in ski resorts and casinos. Some 21 percent worked in wholesale or retail trade. About 5 percent worked in federal, state, or local government, including those who were serving in the military. Roughly 9 percent worked in construction, while 5 percent worked in finance, insurance, or real estate. About 6 percent worked in the transportation industry and public utilities, 4 percent in manufacturing of goods, 1 percent in farming agriculture, forestry, and fishing, and 1 percent in mining. As you can see, there are plenty of options for students graduating from Nevada universities when it comes to jumping into a career.

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Number of Nevada Colleges and Universities: 558

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Nevada

  • Poetry readings on campus.

  • Social events for students.

  • Students can enjoy sporting events and golfing trips outside campus.

  • Feature films are shown on movie nights.

  • Discounted tickets should students want to relax in Reno or Las Vegas.

  • Financial Aid for Students at Nevada Colleges
  • State Aid Agency: Nevada Department of Education

  • College Prepaid/Savings Programs: Prepaid Tuition Program and The Upromise College Fund

  • Popular College Majors
    Health and Allied Services, Social Sciences and History, Engineering and Engineering Technologies, Arts, and Business and Commerce.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board