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Mississippi State Universities: Virtual Medicine and Festival Fever

M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I! Aside from being the state that provides the most fun and entertaining spelling challenge (as a second grader, that is), Mississippi universities offer a variety of educational opportunities. Students at universities in Mississippi are not only privy to the numerous festivals held along the Mississippi River each year, but they also have access to one of the most unique medical programs currently available to aspiring healthcare providers.

Through the use of a "virtual cadaver lab," part of Anatomy & Physiology | REVEALED(r), a new CD-ROM program released by McGraw-Hill Higher Education and developed in conjunction with the Medical University of Ohio, aspiring med students are able to view images taken of real cadaver specimens.

What's a cadaver, you ask? Well, to put it bluntly, it's a human corpse. And a "virtual" cadaver is about the closest most students can get to the insides of an actual human body before they're able to work alongside doctors and surgeons in a real hospital.

Up until the advent of this program, students primarily learned about human anatomy by studying line art drawings and illustrations. Now, they can study real photos and images of human organs. "Students can peel away layers of the human body to study over five thousand anatomical structures," says James F. Connely, executive marketing manager for McGraw-Hill. This process provides a view of the human anatomy that isn't possible with any other product, he adds.

OK, so we know that getting to look at footage of a dead body on a daily basis may not appeal to everyone, but for students at medical schools across the country, the experience is a great asset to their educations. Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU, Itta Bena, MS) was among the first out of all the Mississippi colleges and universities to incorporate this innovative technology into their curriculum. And, MVSU is one of more than 250 schools nationwide currently using the program.

Medical studies not your thing? Fear not, Mississippi state universities have plenty more perks for you to consider. For one, students at Mississippi universities can participate in the Oxford Double Decker Music Festival, which features music, art, food, and more. It's a great way to meet fellow college students, and get a sweet slice of the southern way of life. Think Woodstock, only with the sounds of the south.

Or, you can head on down to The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race, held annually in Natchez, MS, during the month of October. Colorful hot air balloons compete over the river while you and your new college buddies enjoy some musical entertainment and a carnival-type atmosphere -- not bad, eh?

At Mississippi state universities, you'll be walking on cutting-edge educational and sacred celebrity ground. Female vocalists LEANN RIMES, FAITH HILL, and ELVIS PRESLEY, renowned playwright Tennessee Williams, and legendary talk show host OPRAH WINFREY are just a handful of the amazing talent and charisma that have risen out of the great "Magnolia State." So why not take your chances on a college education at Mississippi state universities?

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