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Military Boarding Schools

military boarding schoolsDespite what you may have heard, military boarding schools are not the same as therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens. Military prep schools are high-quality education institutions that emphasize academic growth and leadership development within a structured environment that encourages self-discipline and fosters accountability.

Basically, military prep schools, which serve grades 7-12 and sometimes younger, recognize that the values and habits learned as a young person have a lifelong impact. So at military boarding schools, college-bound students receive an excellent academic foundation as well as essential life skills based on traditional values such as honor, integrity, duty, service, and self-discipline. The structured setting provides an ideal academic environment in which to learn and mature.

As such, military boarding schools are not just for boys. These college prep boarding schools prepare young men and women to be strong leaders and involved citizens. Military prep schools offer an exceptional educational experience with emphasis on character development, leadership training, academic excellence, and a lifelong commitment to community and country.

At military boarding schools, you can prepare for college through a variety of Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses. Many offer English as a Second Language programs for college-bound students needing those services. In addition, several military prep schools offer a postgraduate year, in which students can stay an extra year before moving on to college. After graduating from these college prep boarding schools, students enroll in some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Some college prep boarding schools offer Junior Reserve Officers Training Programs (JROTC), which have no military obligation for participation. JROTC does not necessarily prepare young people to enter the military; its primary focus is to develop good character and leadership skills that will enhance future success in college and in life. Military boarding schools may offer Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps JROTC programs.

And military boarding schools do offer life beyond the military. Most of these college prep boarding schools provide extracurricular opportunities, including interscholastic and recreational athletic programs, arts and music programs, as well as various clubs and organizations.

The ultimate goal of military boarding schools is to prepare you for a successful college experience and a productive life -- not to whip you into shape. Though by the end of your tenure there, you will certainly be fit for a life of service.