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Michigan 2 Year Colleges Head Strong

The Michigan Community College Association represents 27 public community colleges in Michigan. The force of the community college alliance has proven to be beneficial to both students and faculty. As each school develops, they feed off of each other's organizations -- guaranteeing students a remarkable education with a school that's always looking to better itself.

Behind the Scenes at Michigan 2 Year Colleges
The alliance of 2 year colleges in Michigan use Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS), a curriculum design software that brings faculty together through communication and training with the focus of competency-based learning.

When they refer to competency-based curriculum, it means each 2 year college in Michigan requires students to demonstrate competence and standards of performance as defined by business and industry or other life roles -- perfect for those ready to jump right into a career once they've completed a degree. Even better, WIDS, which was developed by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS), offers a set of tools to educators engaged in such competency-based curriculum design.

Who's Using WIDS
In fact, 26 out of Michigan's 28 community colleges have implemented WIDS thanks to a three-year grant extended by the Michigan Department of Career Development (MDCD). This was the second largest state-wide implementation of the useful system in the nation. And since Michigan's community colleges have focused on competency-based learning for years, WIDS is simply the technological platform that brings hands-on education together with the ability to quickly exchange ideas, courses and programs.

Some of the schools include Glen Oaks Community College (Centerville, MI), Henry Ford Community College (Dearborn, MI), Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Kalamazoo, MI), Southwestern Michigan College (Dowagiac, MI), just to name a few.

Michigan 2 Year College Spotlight
The 2 year colleges in Michigan care about its environment. In fact, Montcalm Community College (Sidney, MI), a Michigan 2 year college, asks students to maintain the campus' nature trail when celebrating Earth Day. The school's Kenneth J. Lehman Nature Trails not only provide educational and recreational opportunities to students, but to community members as well. During the event, volunteers install landscape timbers and remove fallen trees and branches on the site.

Montcalm Community College also cares about the arts. In fact, the college's art club offers a spring art exhibit every year to give students and the community an opportunity to view and enjoy amazing art work. The event, which is called "Spring Into Art," shows pieces created by Montcalm Community College's art students and members of the Montcalm Area Art Association. Most of the pieces on display will also be available for purchase -- so you can shop as you view. Attendees can also enjoy light refreshments and live music during the event -- time to socialize.

As Michigan 2 year colleges have come together to form a great force, they continue to better themselves through innovative learning initiatives and cool opportunities for its students and surrounding community. What more could you ask for in a school? The 2 year colleges in Michigan are always bettering themselves to serve its residents the best way possible. Find out what programs are available to you at various 2 year colleges in Michigan.