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Marketing Majors Benefit from Internships and Billboard Dreams

Mary Zembis, a marketing major at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University (Brookville, NY), knows about the importance of exploring college course options. For starters, even though she was required to take core classes like calculus, English, and history, she made sure to satisfy her passion for advertising and marketing with the addition of an international marketing elective, where she is learning about the social, cultural, and political differences and environment of the global marketplace. And where does she find her motivation? From the front of the classroom.

"Many of my professors inspire me to succeed," Mary explains. "Their experience with the business world is brought into their teaching style and the way they conduct their class, through which I have gained valuable experience."

Mary enjoys learning how to attract consumers to a product beyond her marketing major courses, whether it's looking at a billboard, watching a commercial, or just walking through the mall. Even when dressing mannequins with the new spring line for her job at Gap Kids, she's attracting consumers.

As for hands-on classroom experience, this marketing major recently worked with classmates to market two Chevrolet cars to 18- to 35-year-olds and get 1,000 students to sit in the cars. They held a two-day outdoor event with contests like 'Guess how many tennis balls are in the trunk?' to attract students to check out the vehicles. Even more savvy was the giveaway of two iPod Nanos.

Her team's hard work and creative incentivizing worked. They surpassed their goals - a total of 1,063 people sat in the cars - while receiving campuswide and local media coverage and staying within a $2,000 budget. "I love working together with others because there are so many different ideas; it makes things more challenging. I enjoy being creative and having the chance to contribute my ideas."

As for her dream job? Mary would love to work for a large fashion company and create
seasonal campaigns. "I want to see an ad my team and I put together for an upcoming line on a big billboard in the middle of Times Square!"