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Managing Your Student Body: Stay Healthy at College

It's hard to stay healthy and fit when you are a busy college student, but it's not impossible. All it takes is some planning with the right tools, and your health and fitness goals can be within reach. Check out some of these cool, free apps and take one or all of them for a spin on your iPhone. Perhaps a healthier life can be in the palm of your hands.

Sleep On It

Sleep deprivation is often a prerequisite of college life, but Sleep On It is a free app that can encourage better nighttime habits. Log in your hours slept and your energy level to track what nights/bedtime hours are the most restful and restorative for you.

Sleep On It

Rxmind Me

Maybe you never had to be reminded to take your Flintstone vitamins as a kid. But when you're on the go, you're lucky you remember to eat, let alone pop a multivitamin or worse, medication. Enter Rxmind Me, a free iPhone app that will ping you-even if you're in another app--when it's time for the next dose.


Push-up Wars

There are countless apps that will encourage you to get flatter abs, a tighter tush, or stronger arms. However, Push-up Wars combines self-improvement with friendly competition-or hard-core competition, depending on who your friends are. Team up with other users and climb the military-themed ranks as you increase your reps.



Ask any nutrition expert and he or she will tell you that writing down what you eat each day is half the battle of weight loss. Give that theory a whirl with MyFitnessPal, which tracks your food, exercise, and progress. Forget the cows on Farmville; this app will be your new addiction, and a healthy one at that.


Alarm Clock®

Yes, you already have an alarm clock function on your phone. But by downloading the Alarm Clock® app, you can leave your daily alarm alone and have one that is dedicated to the art of a napping. Rather than waking up to some cheesy ringtone or an ear-piercing buzz, you can actually choose a song from your current playlist to wake you from your slumber.

Alarm Clock

Free stuff is always great, but here are a few tech gadgets that are totally worth saving for -- or at least putting them on your birthday or holiday wish list:

CamelBak Groove Filter Bottle

Like filtered water but are on a tap-water budget? The CamelBak Groove Filter Bottle is great news for thirsty college students. You can fill up this BPA-free bottle at the sink, water fountain, and yes, even a garden hose, transforming that H20 into a fresh, delicious beverage. Considering how much bottled water goes for these days, this bottle will pay for itself in no time, as well as give the landfills some breathing room. $25,


Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine

Sure, your roommate might make fun of you the first time you turn on "Summer Night" or "Everglades," but after just one night of you both sleeping like babies, he or she will be thanking you. With 20 different relaxing sounds, you'll never grow tired of your options, but you'll enjoy a level of relaxation that you thought you'd never achieve in a loud dorm. $49.99,



It's hard to believe that something so small can do so much, but when you clip on the Fitbit, seeing is believing. This money-clip sized instrument gives an accurate, to-the-moment record of your calorie burn. Just push the button to review calorie expenditure, steps taken, and miles traveled. Get your heart pumping with some cardio and watch the flower "grow" on the display. But don't remove the device when it's time for bed; simply slip it into the soft cuff and wear it on your wrist all night to track your sleeping patterns. If you've got specific fitness goals, you can plug the Fitbit into your computer and use the free web-based app to track your progress, read the blog, and talk with other Fitbit owners. $99.95,

--Barbara Bellesi

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