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Make the Most of Your Education at Mississippi 2 Year Colleges

Mississippi 2 year colleges offer students a high quality education, with the flexibility that many students desire but can't necessarily get from a more traditional four-year program. The customized nature of an education at one of these schools is part of the reason they are growing in popularity. In additional, the affordable cost makes Mississippi 2 year colleges an attractive alternative for students who might not want to financially commit to a four or five year school.

A National Trend

There are nearly 1,200 regionally accredited community colleges across the U.S., and nearly half (45 percent) of this country's undergraduate students are pursuing their education at a 2 year program. In addition to the 6.5 million students who are studying for credit, there are an additional 5 million students who use institutions like Mississippi 2 year colleges for non-credit learning experiences. The nature of education is changing, and students no longer feel the need to leave the area they're from to acquire a quality education.

Coming Into Focus
For the student who is focused on a particular career goal, a Mississippi 2 year college might be the perfect option because of the very targeted, specialized training these colleges offer. Many students don't want to spend their time and money pursuing a general, liberal arts background because they already know what field they'd like to work in, be it automotive technology, business, nursing, or physical therapy. Studies have shown that job-specific training is one of the main things employees look for when hiring new workers, and at a 2 year college in Mississippi, students can hone their skills to market-specific needs. As a result, it is very common for students at 2 year colleges in Mississippi to get hired immediately following graduation.

A Learning Launchpad
Mississippi 2 year colleges can also act as an educational springboard for students who want to spend the first couple years of their higher education at a less costly school than a traditional four-year one. It's very common for students to discover their educational path at a 2 year college in Mississippi, and to then transfer to a four-year program once they've determined what type of degree they want to obtain. Financially, it's a sound investment since students cut their expenses down considerably, with the average 2 year education cost at community colleges around $3,000. Not only do you save money, but you walk away with a degree from the institution of your choice.

Grow Your Own
Students and educators alike are putting an emphasis back on supplying their area with trained and educated workers. The well-being of the community benefits from students who take the education they received locally, and pour it right back into the community. In fact, Mississippi 2 year colleges are responsible for training over half the new nurses in communities, as well as nearly 80 percent of the firefighters and law enforcement officers.

On Your Watch
Of course, timing is everything and the more flexible you can make your education, the better experience it will likely be. Fortunately, 2 year colleges in Mississippi usually have a rolling admissions policy, which ensures you'll be able to get an education that coincides with where you are in your life at the moment. Not only that, but the accommodating admissions process yields a complex and diverse study body which students at Mississippi 2 year colleges have the benefit of thriving in.

Consider attending a 2 year college in Mississippi to realize your educational and career goals.

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