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Maine colleges and universities

Maine is the largest of the New England states, making Maine colleges and universities the perfect playground for expanding your education. Maine colleges are part of a state that encompasses 5,500 miles of coastline, some 3,000 coastal islands, and millions of acres of undeveloped woodland. And although more than half of the state is qualified as "unorganized territories," where no town government exists (what better place for an anthropology major to study than universities in Maine?!), Maine's larger towns of Portland and Rockland offer big-city convenience.

Portland is a historic city with its brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets. In addition to shopping and ferries that allow one to island hop with the greatest of ease, Portland has become Maine's own restaurant row, serving up many a tasty dish. Several Maine colleges and universities in and around Portland offer culinary degrees, providing a tasty alternative to New York.

Camden will delight any student wishing to study hotel or restaurant management at one of the universities in Maine. The destination has always been a mainstay for the more affluent crowd, but bed-and-breakfasts, boutiques, and galleries have lured in the tourists, especially in the fall, when many take long drives up and down the coast admiring the foliage. Not a bad break from the books for students attending Maine universities.

Coastal Maine is where many an artist has come to relax and gain inspiration. Art and writing majors at Maine colleges find serenity in the state's beaches and Acadia National Park, which offer a rich tapestry of rugged cliffs, restless ocean, and quiet woods, made famous by painter Thomas Cole.

For those looking for outdoor adventure to complement the academic rigor of Maine colleges, Western Maine is home to many mountains, including the state's highest peak, Mount Katahdin. With so little development, wildlife is plenty, proving a great location for environmental and animal science majors who attend universities in Maine.

On the other hand Maine's North Woods area is home to acres and acres of undeveloped woodlands, which is own by a number of timber companies that harvest trees - quite possibly the odd mixture of pleasure and pain for any budding environmentalist or political activist in search of a platform.

Number of Maine Colleges and Universities: 30

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Maine

  • Well-known authors discuss their works during free public lectures at Maine universities.
  • Maine colleges and universities invite students for an international coffee hour.
  • Traditional New England folk dancing at universities in Maine make for fun evenings.
  • Homecoming events bring back alum young and old to reminisce and support the athletes of Maine universities.
  • Students and communities come together at Maine universities to participate in American Red Cross blood drives.

Financial Aid for Students at Maine Colleges
State Aid Agency: Financial Authority of Maine
College Prepaid/Savings Program: NextGen College Investing Plan

Popular College Majors
Universities in Maine offer a great variety of majors. Among those most popular: Health and Allied Services, Education, Business and Commerce, and Visual and Performing Arts.
Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board