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Low Cost Ways to Ace the SAT

With over 2.2 million students taking the SAT each year and all the recent updates to the test, how can you improve your chances of scoring high? The SAT Readiness Program, a series of free and low-cost SAT prep resources both online and in print, hopes to provide everything you need to prepare for the big test. And, the program is in good hands, considering that the actual SAT test makers are the ones who put it together. Kristin Carnahan, a College Board representative, insists the materials offered are "very valuable for students," as they are "developed under the same test specifications as the new SAT."

The SAT, includes three sections: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. And, you don't have to be completely in the dark. Find free test directions, practice questions, and a new SAT prep practice exam either online at the official SAT Preparation Center or in the SAT preparation booklet. Also online, students can get free scores and skills reports, in addition to "individual feedback" for the practice exam, says Carnahan.

Though it is possible to do well on the SAT using the free resources alone, the College Board also offers the SAT Study Guide for the low cost of $19.95. It consists of eight practice tests, thorough descriptions of all test sections including the new writing portion, essay questions, sample essays, and the essay scoring guide. "The best way [for students] to familiarize themselves is to take practice tests," says Carnahan, calling the book a "great resource." Get it online at the College Board Web site or in bookstores nationwide. Another option is the Official SAT Online Course. The standard price is $69.95 for 18 interactive lessons, but the price varies depending on individual needs. Surf to get ready with the SAT Readiness Program.