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Louisiana Colleges and Universities

Louisiana colleges and universities offer so much more than the surrounding swamps and folks hanging out down on the bayou. There are Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, street performers and musicians, incredible meals, interesting architecture, and a whole lot of history, making Louisiana colleges and universities an exciting choice to pursue your degree.

Much of state's charm stems from the Spanish style buildings built in the 1700s. This is the stuff of legends and ghost stories and what turns a tour guide into a history teacher. History majors at Louisiana colleges and universities will love exploring the city's legendary cemeteries and buildings, while design majors at Louisiana colleges will marvel at these structures for their ironwork balconies and floor-to-ceiling shuttered windows.

Music is just as deeply routed in the city's routes as Voodoo. Forget Juilliard many universities in Louisiana offer music programs that not only have the gusto, but the history too. From jazz and Cajun to blues and brass band, there's always music emanating everywhere from your neighbor's window to the clubs on Bourbon Street.

Still stuck on those swamps? Then come check out the multitude of national parks and zoos throughout the state. Animal science majors at universities in Louisiana will get the chance to hang with everything from endangered species to the old Louisiana gator staple.

Number of Louisiana Colleges and Universities: 90

Cool Events Abound at Universities in Louisiana

  • Free commuter student coffee breaks and coffee hour events at various Louisiana universities.

  • Louisiana colleges and universities host a Scratchpad festival, in which playwrights share their work.

  • Sculpture garden exhibits are on display at universities in Louisiana with accompanying lectures.

  • Homecoming events bring back alum young and old to reminisce and support the athletes of Louisiana universities.

  • Students and communities come together at Louisiana universities to participate in a pancake breakfast followed by a childrens fair.

  • Financial Aid for Students at Louisiana Colleges
    State Aid Agency: Lousiana Office of Student Financial Assistance
    College Prepaid/Savings Program Available for Students Interested in Louisiana Colleges and Universities: Louisiana START Program

    Popular College Majors - Health and Allied Services, Engineering, Business and Commerce, and Biological Sciences.
    Source: College Bound Seniors 2005, The College Board