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Learning Never Stops at Maryland State Universities

At Maryland universities, you can study by doing. Not sure about what field you should take up? There are a multitude of Maryland natives and residents (past and present) to draw inspiration from. And when it's all said and done, the services at Maryland colleges and universities are there for your career-start-up convenience.

Career Inspiration from the Maryland Hall of Fame
Although Billie Holiday was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1915, the renowned jazz singer spent most of her life in Baltimore, MD. You can follow in her musical footsteps and study music at Washington College located in Chestertown, MD.

Thurgood Marshall's roots trace back to Maryland. The influential Civil Rights Activist was born in Baltimore, MD. Before becoming the first U.S. African-American Supreme Court Justice, Marshall completed his undergraduate degree at Lincoln University, the nation's oldest black college and graduated with honors. He then attended Howard University for law school. You can study law at Maryland at the University of Baltimore or University of Maryland.

Author Tom Clancy worked as an insurance broker in Maryland before writing bestsellers-turned-movies. Even prior to working in the insurance industry and writing novels "Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games," Clancy attended Loyola College, which is located in Baltimore, MD, where he majored in Egnlish. While he was in college, he dreamed of writing a novel.

Hands-On Learning
Universities in Maryland understand you learn by doing. This is why Maryland colleges and universities have devised and received funding for programs that enable students to take the learning out of the classroom and into the real world.

Washington College just launched a unique student investment program where by their business management students can learn "playing the stock market" firsthand through a $500,000 account. About 1,300 students can participate in the course with the supervision and benefit from advisors. The responsibility of examining the stocks, researching companies, and understanding trends in the market, however, is entirely up to them.

At the University of Maryland's Clark School (of engineering) in Baltimore, MD, students can enroll in the Hinman Campus Entrepreneurship Opportunities Program, an award-winning course offered to undergraduate students who are interested in combining their engineering degrees with entrepreneurial ventures. Participating students, for instance, attend seminars led by experts outside of the university, connect with mentors, and engage in real-life assignments.

Over-the-Top Services
You can't help but have career concerns while you're at college. It's only natural. You wonder, when I receive my degree, then what? Luckily, Maryland state universities lend you a hand in this area of concern.

For instance, Washington College's Center for Career Development is open 40 hours a week for students and offers individual to group counseling for those with career and graduate school concerns and inquiries. Not only will the staff assist you with your job hunt upon graduation, and even during your undergraduate studies, they'll also help you with your interview skills and resume.

Interested about what else Maryland universities have to offer? Take that curiosity into your college research and find out everything you can about Maryland state universities. Remember, to make the most out of your college experience and take advantage of the benefits your school offers.