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Kansas State Universities Redefining Educational Expectations

Students at Kansas state universities are eager to share their experiences with other potential students -- and much of that has to do with dispelling the idea that an educational experience at Kansas colleges and universities has to be a rural experience. Take a look at some of the super students, unique programs, and exciting social opportunities at some Kansas universities. Then start your research to find the college that's right for you!

Not What You Had In Mind

"I chose Kansas University because of the city of Lawrence," says Jessi Wilson, a recent graduate. "It is such a fun city, and it's definitely not your typical Kansas environment. It's very liberal, and the people are very open-minded. The area really has a whole lot to offer and breaks free from that conservative Kansas culture that I think most people expect."

Though the sweeping plains and rolling hills Kansas has to offer are certainly a beautiful aspect of studying in the state, the urban areas offer endless attractions like art galleries, cultural centers, parks, and downtown areas loaded with shops, cafes, and restaurants for the urban explorer.

When You're Not Studying...

For the social butterfly, some of Kansas's universities are located near city areas that boast plenty of nightspots and hangouts. "At KU, our downtown area is called Massachusetts street," says Jessi. "It's lined with little mom and pop shops, and has a very downtown feel. It definitely has a very quaint side, and it's a student's go-to spot to socialize. If there is a big event on campus, everybody goes down to 'Mass street' to hang out afterwards. Then of course there's Kansas City. It's about 30-40 minutes from campus, which is an easy drive, and the plaza in Kansas City is loaded with nice restaurants."

Time-Tested Sports Traditions
Do you love sports more than you love life itself? Universities in Kansas are notorious for their strong school pride and exciting rivalries with neighboring schools. It makes the thrill of a hometown sports game that much more exciting. "There is nothing like a Jayhawk basketball fan," says Jessi. "There is a big rivalry between Kansas University and Kansas State. Any time there is a game at either school, all of the students go to cheer. There's also a history and tradition kept at Kansas universities. The KU team practices in an old field house that has been a part of the school's campus forever - it's an amazing tradition they still keep alive."

Best of Both Academic Worlds
The fact is, though Kansas universities offer a cutting edge, contemporary environment to earn your degree in, they also proudly embrace the more commonly known rural side of their state's history. "Kansas State is more of a rural school and offers really popular programs in agriculture," explains Jessi. "Kansas University is known more for its law school, medical school, and journalism school. They are all popular programs."

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