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Kansas City College Life is Anything But Ordinary

Kansas City, Missouri is a place of immense beauty and mid-western flare posited on the hospitable Mississippi River. From its picturesque rivers and valleys to its history filled streets and monuments, this historical American city is a great place to spend your college years.

Attending a college in Kansas City, Missouri is a great choice for native mid-westerners and newcomers alike. Its thriving arts and culture scene is welcoming to artists and musicians, as well as those that simply enjoy spending their free time adventuring through new places.

Kansas City colleges are abundant and offer programs and degrees in virtually anything you can think of. Attending a Kansas City college is an ideal choice if you're into a casual and friendly, yet flavorful city that is accommodating to college life. Trendy shops, unique mom and pop restaurants, and world-class museums make attending a Kansas City university a great choice.

Many Kansas City universities are located in both the heart and the immediate outskirts of Kansas City, a city that was once almost completely destroyed during the Civil War, and offer great access to the city's well-known museums, art galleries, and thousands of fountains. By the way, did you know that Kansas City has more fountains than any other city in the world besides Rome? Attend a Kansas City college and find out more fun, quirky facts about this unique city.

Besides fountains, Kansas City is also known for its famous Lewis and Clark adventures. The Lewis and Clark Lookout Point boasts spectacular views of the city and all the bordering rivers and valleys. The monument is in close proximity to many Kansas City universities, and is a great place to take visiting family and friends. Or, explore it on your own and use it as your own personal quiet place!

Lewis and Clark's adventures make attending a Kansas City university a great choice if you're a history buff. Even if you're not, it's always fun to be in a city with a famous heritage!

It's no wonder Leisure Group and Travel has described Kansas City as "a quintessential all-American city peppered with a distinctive European flavor." Research attending a Kansas City college today and embark on your own adventure, just like Lewis and Clark.