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It Pays to be in the Military

Luke Perman of Lowry, South Dakota, may have had his junior year of college interrupted by the military to go overseas, but he gained a helpful scholarship in the process. Lucky for him, Luke was one of six well-deserving students who received the South Dakota Regental Military Service Scholarship. The South Dakota Regental Military Service Scholarship covered his tuition at South Dakota State University (Vermillion, SD) for the 2004-2005 school year.

At the beginning of his junior year in April of 2003, Luke was sent overseas to Iraq. "It was a good experience. Obviously I didn't have a choice, but I'm happy I did it," Luke says. He was stationed 35 miles north-east of Baghdad, with a mission to help build a new bridge over the Tigris River, so it would be strong enough for U.S. tanks to drive over.

Once the new bridge was completed, the Americans and Iraqis both benefited from its strength. "It helped the Iraqi economy, because the locals use it to transport farm goods," Luke says.

After serving his country, Luke was happy to arrive home in March of 2004. His main priority is to finish school. He is starting his junior year right where he left off as a rangescience major. "If I can make a living by ranching, I'll do that," he says. Because he also aspires to write for a magazine or a newspaper, he's minoring in journalism. "I'm back on track, and I'll be graduating in the spring of 2006," Luke proudly states.

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